Academic Suite for Schools

Introducing the Educational Suite you have been waiting for. This is a proposition that promises good value for every Nursery, Primary and Secondary schools. you get;

  • A web portal: where parents can login and view basic and academic records and history of their kids in an easy to understand and intuitive way. The same portal can be used by school staff to view and update details about their students such as school fees and academic records verification.
  • A desktop application (Optional): that can be used to manage academic records of students offline which can then be uploaded when an internet connection is established.

How we differ from other propositions;

  1. There is no initial cost, once we enter into an agreement, we setup your web portal and register all your students free of charge.
  2. You get your own web portal and domain name. we do not combine data of different schools together on any level
  3. You do not need to hire any additional staff to do data entry for you when results have been computed. Our staff will do the data entry for your school within 3 days and the results will be ready online on Day 4. This ensures that any school no matter the size and staff strength can leverage our services to become better service providers.


Benefits of our System

  • You get a web portal to manage all academic and administrative records at No initial cost
  • Your educational institution goes online with the possibility of e-learning in the near future boosting your attractiveness to parents when choosing a school
  • Potential to yield additional source of income from IT fees
  • Reduction of default in school fees payment by parents since students who haven’t settled their fees will be unable to view their results online
  • As a school, you can use our services without changing anything in how you operate since all data management will be handled by our staff
  • Easily send messages to all parents with no hassle
  • Affordable fee paid every term per student



Visit THIS DEMO SITE and user the following login details below to try out the online system when you click on the Portal Login;

  • Phone Number: 08155701442
  • Pin Code: 9090

Note that your home page will be very different from what is on this demo. It will contain a lot of designs, sliders and information that you provide!


Further Inquiries

If you are interested or need more info, Please fill the form below and we will get in touch with you soonest

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