Welcome to Trask Global! We pride ourselves as a company that values user requirements above all. We are here to create meaningful solutions to your challenges using the most practical tech available.

Services We Provide

Software Development

Whatever business challenges you face, we design solutions that will counter them and guarantee return on your investment

Web Design

We design premium websites and portals of all kinds that fits perfectly on all web-enabled devices.

Cool Tech Shop

Our online shop only contains cool and interesting tech stuff not commonly found on other general online stores

Project Management

We carry out staff training of all designs to suite any organization with a long list of experts in business management, accounting and audit, Media and Communications, Development and Non-Profits, You name it!

Social Media

With our long history with media and communications, our expertise in social media management can help boost your online ad campaign for business, politics or development messages.

IT Consultancy

We are your perfect IT outsourcing partner; we specialize in seamlessly acting as an extra staff that exponentially increases your IT productivity through constant monitoring and training.

Some of Our Achievements

15 Softwares Deployed

34 Websites Designed

6 Mobiles Apps Deployed

349 People Trained

Some of Our Top Clients

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